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Category: Identity Theft Protection Services (AKA Identity Fraud Protection Services)
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IDwatchdog is an identity protection website that helps you to keep your most important data safe from fraudsters. It does this by allowing you to monitor your information on a daily basis to identify any threats before they can cause serious harm. It does this through four key techniques: the first is to allow you to access your information using a personal dashboard. The second is that it makes continuous checks of your personal data and alerts you to any changes. Thirdly, you are protected by a 100% identity theft resolution guarantee, and finally you are supported by the site’s team of professionals.

Each of these four areas requires more investigation as to the pros and cons. The information dashboard is probably the most useful of the services. This is an easy to use user-interface that allows you to view a range of information in one area. You will be able to switch between the identity profile report (a list of records that are associated with your name), your current monitoring status (a daily update that shows you what has been scanned, what was found and alerts you to any harmful changes), your credit report (a tri-bureau report including your account summary and credit inquiries) and credit scores. This is a simple way to view your up-to-date information at a glance, and should prove to alert you to any significant changes before they impact on the safety of your ID.

The site provides 4 kinds of identity monitoring, including a basic monitor (monthly scans of public records), an advanced monitor (additional scans that identify new addresses associated with you, and non-credit, quick cash transactions that have been carried out), a cyber monitor (which scans unlawful sites which deal in trading personal information) and a credit report monitor (alerting you to changes in accounts and other credit information). All combined, this offers a pretty comprehensive tracking and monitoring system that should pick up on any irregularities.

IdWatchdog also provides a 100% guarantee that they will resolve any identity theft issues you have whilst you are under their protection. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily cover a monetary loss it does guarantee that your identity will be restored at no cost. Therefore if your name is blackened by false reports, the site’s team of certified identity theft risk management specialists will work with you to make sure that your name is cleared.

There are two different packages available on this site, although there’s not a great deal of difference between them. Both the Plus and Platinum packages provide basic and advanced identity monitoring, cyber monitoring, email and SMS alerts, identity restoration, credit report monitor and NPI monitoring. The only real advantage of upgrading is that you receive credit reports and scores when signed up to the Platinum package. If this is important to you, the upgrade cost is pretty small so it may be worth the extra.

We were fairly impressed by the range of monitors available to idWatchdog customers. Whilst its package ranges could be a bit more diverse, they offer fairly comprehensive protection. Its dashboard is a nice addition and allows you to track any changes over time, which ought to be of use if you know what you’re looking for. However, its range of functions could certainly be improved upon, and whilst there is live support, it is only available for 10 hours a day, or via email.

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