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Category: Identity Theft Protection Services (AKA Identity Fraud Protection Services)
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LifeLock Review

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We are living in a digital age, where increasingly our personal information is put at risk. Data and identity thieves steal private information and subsequently engage in crimes ranging from healthcare scams to property purchases, bank transfers and more. Whether or not these criminals are caught, the victims are innocent people who often have no idea that their data is under threat. Thankfully, organizations such as LifeLock help to protect your private information, reducing the risk of data crimes affecting your life and livelihood.

  LifeLock's support staff kick into action, helping to stop the fraudulent use of your credit details and work to restore your identity.  

So, what is LifeLock? Essentially it’s a data protection and notification service. They help to keep your private information safe by running regular scans, and they let you know if anything seems amiss. For example, you may receive an urgent message asking if you’ve just spent $500 in a sporting goods store. If you have, no problem. If you haven’t, LifeLock's support staff kick into action, helping to stop the fraudulent use of your credit details and work to restore your identity with ID restoration specialists.

There are quite a few features to explore with LifeLock.com, but we were particularly impressed by their mobile app. This easy-to-install app works on a range of mobile devices and detects a wide variety of potential threats. If a threat is detected whilst you’re on the move, you’ll receive a notification to let you know of any suspicious activities, straight to your mobile device. The app includes a very user-friendly interface which should be easy to pick up, even for tech novices.

Easily control your security, ID and more through the easy-use app.
Easily control your security, ID and more through the easy-use app.

The mobile app is the main interface you can use to access your data, but you can also control your account on a desktop computer through an internet browser. Aside from the risk notification services, you can also help to educate yourself against data threats by reading a wide variety of articles. These articles cover a range of useful topics, such as how to talk to children about data protection, or how to work with less tech-minded individuals so they don’t inadvertently fall for online scams.

The fact that you can instantly respond to data-risk notifications is a great boon of LifeLock's system. You may receive instant messages asking if you’ve recently made a purchase, which you can quickly confirm or deny. Support is also at hand, as you can request help with any issue you’re having. Thankfully, the LifeLock team are available over the phone or through live chat, 24 hours a day, and you can also easily access your credit score.

  The fact that you can instantly respond to data-risk notifications is a great boon of LifeLock's system.  

There are three membership packages to choose from, each offering reimbursement for stolen funds, up to $1 million. The Ultimate Plus package even provides protection for a million dollars worth of personal expense compensation and coverage for lawyers’ fees. This may provide a lot of peace of mind if you have large sums of money, or you’re concerned about facing large legal bills. Prices are competitive, and (at the time of this review) you can also receive free Norton virus protection as part of your membership package.

Millions of people trust LifeLock, which is obviously a good sign as it indicates they’re happy with the service they receive. If you’re unsure about what’s on offer or how LifeLock might be able to help protect your private information, there are plenty of reviews to explore, or you can chat to a members of their sales team. The website also provides a considerable amount of information on how to avoid scams and data breaches, as well as offering you a free risk assessment. If you’ve already experienced a data breach, or are worried that your information may not be as secure as you’d like, these assessments can prove invaluable.

Receive alerts when your identity may be under threat.
Receive alerts when your identity may be under threat.

LifeLock helps detect a wide range of threats, including credit file activity, online loans, unauthorised USPS address changes and payday loan requests. They also scan for your data on the dark web, including partial-identity theft which many data criminals use to create fictitious identities. Meanwhile, free Norton security can help stop attacks from online viruses, spyware, phishing scams and more. This tag-team partnership between LifeLock and Norton ought to cover most security requirements.

It can take years for stolen data to be used by criminals, by which point it can sometimes be too late to respond. LifeLock allows you to reduce those risks with regular online scans for your personal information, or even identify potential data breaches already in play. Its app is particularly useful in helping you to quickly and easily identify risks. Prices are affordable and competitive, with options to suit most budgets and requirements. With credit checks, free articles, live support and a host of features, there’s plenty here to help protect your private information so you can relax and get on with enjoying life.

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