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Reviews of the Top 10 Identity Theft Protection Services of 2023

Welcome to our reviews of the Best Identity Theft Protection Services of 2023 (also known as Identity Fraud Protection Services). Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each identity theft protection service, alongside which you'll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice.

LifeLock image
We are living in a digital age, where increasingly our personal information is put at risk. Data and identity thieves steal private information and subsequently engage in crimes ranging from healthcare scams to property purchases, bank transfers and more. Whether or not these criminals are caught, the victims are innocent people who often have no idea that their data is under threat. Thankfully, organizations...

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Identity Force offers an impressive range of services to help you identify risks, protect your identity and restore any damage that has been done by identity thieves. As budgets vary, it offers two competitively-priced membership packages, "Ultra Secure" and "Ultra Secure + Credit", payable on either a monthly or yearly basis. The first package, “Ultra Secure”, comes with a 14 day free trial to...

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Intelius ID Protect is an Identity Theft Protection solution brought to the market by Intelius, a US firm that has grown out of the increased need for background checks and better personal data security. It offers both commercial and consumer solutions, and has grown into a multi-million dollar corporation. Most of the firm's income comes from staff background checks (which is the mainstay of its...

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Identity Guard is an award winning US-based identity theft protection service with a distinguished thirteen-year history. With a proven track record of protecting the identity and financial security of its customers, Identity Guard has received a number of industry awards in recent years - testament to the quality of its service. Javelin, the consumer survey analysts, rated Identity Guard as highest in its class...

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Experian: ProtectMyID image
ProtectMyID.com is brought to you by Experian, a trusted and reliable company with years of experience. This is reflected in the overall quality of the site and the services it provides, which are comprehensive and professional.  This site gives you all the usual protection with a few extras that make it stand out somewhat from a lot of its competitors. It also offers travel...

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IDWatchdog is an identity protection website that helps you to keep your most important data safe from fraudsters. It does this by allowing you to monitor your information on a daily basis to identify any threats before they can cause serious harm. It does this through four key techniques: the first is to allow you to access your information using a personal dashboard. The...

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It’s now easier than ever for a thief to take one of the most valuable things you have: your identity. The internet has its great advantages but it also produces a number of risks in terms of how easy it is to acquire your personal information and use it fraudulently. Trusted ID thinks it has the answer, offering a range of detection and protection...

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Equifax Complete image
Equifax.com provides identity protection solutions for individuals, families and businesses, with a real focus on monitoring and protecting your credit scores and finances. The site is separated into “personal” and “business” sections, with a few additional areas that educate you in the ways of identity protection. The “personal solutions” section of Equifax.com provides credit and identity products, credit report assistance, customer support and education....

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If you’re looking to provide identity protection to your business personnel and clients then CSID’s identity theft monitoring technologies might come in useful. From the company that previously brought you IdentityTruth, CSID utilises their knowhow and service standards to provide a new system, although it still honours the contracts of Identity Truth customers, should you be one. It is based in the US and available only to US...

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Latest User Reviews

CSID image
Company doesn't really exist
User Review of CSID by No U Can't Steal More Of My Idendity on 17 March 2022

Had someone steal my idendity. Experian contracted with CSID to supposedly help sort this problem out. I received a half page letter with a phone number to contact an agent who would help me. The phone number ALWAYS goes directly... (Read the full review)

CSID image
No customer service
User Review of CSID by Former Federal Employee on 11 May 2016

I got a credit alert from CSID. I tried to get on their site with a correct username and a correct password. That did not work so I looked on their site for a telephone number but could not find... (Read the full review)

CSID image
We got the low bid (in a no bid contract)
User Review of CSID by Unhappy Campler on 29 June 2015

Terrible company. Typical low bid government contractor. The email for their privacy policy questions does not work. My unanswered questions were: 1. When you merge with another company or are acquired, what privacyrequirement will transfer to the new company? The... (Read the full review)

CSID image
Tired of the wait
User Review of CSID by Billy on 25 June 2015

I have been calling for 4 days and after a total of 5 hours and 28 minutes I have had enough. If the employees can not handle 4 million register requests, Not many people will sign up after the news... (Read the full review)

CSID image
Don't waste your time! Spent 4+ hours trying to register.
User Review of CSID by Chicago Joe on 18 June 2015

This company is a joke! I have spent the last four hours trying to register. Online registration unsuccessful due to invalid PIN, which was provided by them. yes, I typed it correctly! Call to support advised of a 60 minute... (Read the full review)