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Category: Identity Theft Protection Services (AKA Identity Fraud Protection Services)
Website: http://www.csid.com/identity-protection

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  • Prices are determined by your individual needs. Please contact the site’s sales team for details.
  • Identity management centre: complete control over your ID using a platform made for white labelling.
  • CyberAgent: respond to data theft to limit the damage.
  • Child and family protection: take care of those who are most important to you.
  • Voice biometrics: allow access to data based on voice testing.
  • Customer support: provide customers with support, 24/7.
  • Non-credit: supply customers with customizable coverage.
  • Credit data: access a range of core credit services.
  • A US Based ID Theft protection service.
  • "Faster than Fraud" technology: combines a range of sources to get the most complete picture of your identity risk. 
  • Prior action: service combines and analyzes all information available to report possible fraud before it happens.
  • Next - steps service: ensures that in the case of any fraudulent activity occurring, problems are swiftly and efficiently resolved.
  • Breach Alerts: data breaches expose sensitive information to thieves. Alerts of these breaches notify you of the potential threat and offer "what now" advice.
  • Individual Identity Profile: know if someone is currently misusing your identity by reviewing your personal dashboard for evidence of fraud.
  • Data breach mitigation: customized solutions for your potential risks.
  • PR: public relations communication and management.
  • Reports: receive monthly reports highlighting risks and actions.
  • Award winning:  top honours in Tech Innovation Awards.
  • Online portal: quickly deploy an identity protection product globally.
  • Help: get assistance via phone, mail or an on-site message feature.
  • News: read articles on recent findings in online data protection.
  • Blog: access to the latest thoughts and conversations on ID protection.
  • Dynamic ID Health Score: your dynamic ID Theft score measures your risk of becoming an identity theft victim.
  • Constant checks: 24/7 Monitoring of suspicious internet sites, where your personal data may be traded by thieves. 
  • Removal from Junk Mail lists: eliminate the risk of having pre-approved credit offers intercepted by identity thieves.
  • Free calls: toll Free customer support helpline.
  • Further resources: including webinars and white papers.


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