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Category: Identity Theft Protection Services (AKA Identity Fraud Protection Services)
Website: http://www.identityguard.com

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Identity Guard Costs & Features

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  • 2 week free trials of each plan are available.
  • Gold plan is $14 per month.
  • Platinum plan is $19 per month.
  • Platinum+ plan is $25 per month.
  • Personal identity monitoring: your name and social security number are monitored for fraudulent applications.
  • Internet monitoring: websites and chat rooms are monitored for your details.
  • Address monitoring: addresses are tracked for changes, such as redirected post.
  • 3 bureau credit monitoring: your files are checked every day from the 3 key bureaus.
  • ID verification alerts: you are sent alerts when your information is used online.
  • Monthly credit report updates: from 1 bureau.
  • Monthly credit score update: up to date views of your credit scores.
  • Credit analyser: check your credit score, changes and possible actions.
  • Online tools and resources: including mortgage, budget and retirement calculators.
  • Mobile app: access your information from a mobile device.
  • Keystroke encryption: guard against identity thieves who can monitor what you type as a password.
  • Personal recovery assistant: get help recovering your identity if the worst happens.
  • Lost wallet protection: receive assistance in cancelling your credit cards if you lose your wallet.
  • Experience: Identity Guard has a 13 year proven track record of excellent identity theft protection and credit monitoring.
  • Try it for free: free 15 day trial membership of Identity Guard total protection.
  • ID Vault: your personal password protector, stores all of your passwords and keeps them safe.
  • USB access: ID Vault comes in USB stick format, so that you can use it anywhere!
  • Patented internet scanning technology: alerts you if your Social Security Number or other registered details are being traded or sold online.
  • Mobile protection with Mobile Lockbox: protect yourself when accessing your financial information on your phone, PDA or Blackberry.
  • Connect to WiFi hotspots: use your laptop, fully protected from keyloggers and hackers by using Identity Guard's Privacy Protect.
  • $1 million identity insurance: cover lost wages and supplementary costs of having had your identity stolen.
  • Rated "Best in class" 2009: in Javelin's 2009 consumer ID protection services scorecard.
  • Help: dedicated FAQs and technical support on a toll-free helpline.
  • Extra features available through platinum and platinum+ include:
    • Child identity theft protection: protect your family.
    • More credit scores: receive up to 3 credit scores from 3 bureaus.
    • Public record monitoring: check for changes in your public records.
    • Anti-virus software: protect your information whilst online.
    • Password protection software: encrypt and store your important passwords.


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