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Category: Identity Theft Protection Services (AKA Identity Fraud Protection Services)
Website: http://www.intelius.com/idprotect.htm

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Intelius Costs & Features

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  • A free 7 day identity protect trial is available.
  • Identity protection is $19.95 a month.
  • Get a free instant credit score.
  • A 2 day free trial of Intelius Premier is available.
  • Prices do not include tax.
  • Identity protection: get alerts for signs of theft, help prevent others from accessing your personal information.
  • $1 million insurance: including an identity recovery kit.
  • Public record monitoring: check for changes in your public records.
  • Triple bureau credit monitoring: find out who has been looking at your credit reports.
  • Search for people: find people based on email, social networks, property records and more.
  • Background check: find out about someone’s background including marriage records, lawsuits and property records.
  • Criminal records: check whether someone has been previously convicted.
  • Reverse phone lookup: find out who has been calling you.
  • Property records: view the ownership history of a property.
  • Public records: access a wide range of information to help you find and reconnect with people.
  • Tenant screening: check your potential tenants are legitimate.
  • Mobile: access your mobile device.
  • Employee screening: perform nationwide employment background checks.
  • Coupons available: get discounts on services.
  • Help: assistance is available 24/7.
  • US service: a US-based firm providing a range of customer and business security solutions.
  • Award winning: an award-winning ID theft protection service.
  • Remove yourself from records: opt out of pre-approved credit records so you don't receive offers from creditors.
  • A free annual credit report: check the safety and security of your credit record. 
  • Credit Card Scanning: regularly patrol the black market where ID thieves buy and sell credit card numbers. If your details are discovered to be compromised you are immediately informed. 
  • SSN, Name and Address Scanning: if your social security number, name or address are found being traded online you are immediately informed. 
  • Public Database Scanning: Intelius Monitor hundreds of public record databases and if they detect anything unusual, that could lead to ID theft, you are immediately informed. 
  • Bank Account Monitoring: have your bank accounts monitored for unusual transactions.
  • Email Fraud Alerts: protect your credit by requiring lenders to verify your identity before taking any action that could put your credit at risk.
  • Junk Mail reduction: removes your name from junk mail lists.
  • Customizable watch lists: ensure that your most vulnerable financial information is kept safe.


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