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Category: Identity Theft Protection Services (AKA Identity Fraud Protection Services)
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Don't Trust My Trusted ID
16 December 2014
Reviewer: Domino from Portland, Or

120 of 233 people found this review helpful

Don't assume this company is providing the service you have paid for.
They failed to notify me of a new loan application. My account was set up for email and text notifications. It was a valid application, fortunately. Nevertheless, I did not receive any notification. When I went to the web site, it was posted as an alert. When I called to complain, the "Customer Service Representative" was surly and refused to listen to me, just saying it was a "technical issue" on their part. He resorted to a shouting match with me when I said I just wanted a refund. He refused to let me talk to a manager, instead, putting me on hold. I have terminated my business with My Trusted Id. I do not trust them at all.

In summary, I would not recommend Trusted ID to a friend.

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Just try to cancel during the trial period
17 June 2013
Reviewer: Gary505 from Albuquerque, NM, USA

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It was so easy to signup for the trial offer. After reviewing our security position and just before the end of our trial period both my wife and myself attempted to reach Trusted ID to cancel. I personally made nine calls and was on hold for over twenty minutes each time. This part of them is a scam. They will not allow you to cancel. Hopefully the rest of their business isn't a scam. However, if you get scammed by them one way, other ways will follow.

In summary, I would not recommend Trusted ID to a friend.

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Appearance of bells & whistles, but not comprehensive
25 March 2013
Reviewer: Sviks from Chicago, IL

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The service has the appearance of having a lot of bells & whistles, but I haven't found the tools to be very useful. The credit monitoring is good, but not a differentiator. The biggest downside is that your free credit report & score is available only once a year! All TrustedID is doing is requesting the reports on your behalf from the 3 bureaus, which you can do yourself for free! Also, once you sign up for a year, if you cancel, you can only get half your money back. I've had the service for 3 months only, yet they won't prorate the charges & refund me the difference. Also, the only way to cancel is over the phone, and I had to wait 25 minutes before someone came on the line. Overall, I'm not satisfied with what this service offers.

In summary, I would not recommend Trusted ID to a friend.

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Not CURRENT Credit Score
10 August 2012
Reviewer: Zendog from Philadelphia, PA USA

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I have used TrustedID.com for over a year and I was very happy with it keeping me informed of any changes to my credit. It also provides ID protection, which I luckily have never had an issue with. Don't go through life thinking your credit score is safe, companies are screwing it all the time and you need to have a service like this so you stand a chance! However, when I was applying for a loan recently I was told my credit score was too low. I quickly accessed my TrustedID.com account and found that the only score(3 scores) I could see was the from the "annual free report" that TrustedID downloaded for me to my account 8 months before. When I asked their customer service (which is very helpful) if the banks were looking at a more current credit score than the scores from 8 months ago, they said, "YES." So don't think they have your CURRENT credit score OR your current credit report.

In summary, I would recommend Trusted ID to a friend.

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